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In the context of the transformation of the country's society, economy and technology, the Alliance is committed to building a knowledge and industry platform, gathering companies that focus on transformation trends in various industries, building bridges of communication between academic and industry, serving the cooperation between enterprises and research institutes, and helping enterprises to establish sustainable strategic design competitiveness. The main work of the Alliance is the construction of knowledge and industry platforms, the holding of high-end forums and conferences, and the study of design management and corporate strategy.



1. Research on innovative design thinking and corporate strategy


Based on classic case studies and influential corporate sharing, we will understand the experiences and concepts of timely response to change and successful transformation in different historical periods and different economic models. Using the Simple Linear Model (SLIM) as an analytical tool to conduct case studies from the diffusion of basic scientific inventions to the application of end-product technologies, and to study the decision-making basis for companies entering different stages.


- Competitiveness and Corporate Strategy Opportunity Analysis: Helps companies understand the changes in corporate organization and core competencies brought about by changes in deep-rooted corporate social functions.


- Accepting the entrustment of domestic and foreign enterprises and other associations, carrying out strategic consultation, project demonstration and other project cooperation.



2. Construction of the CMF industry platform serving the transformation and upgrading of the material industry.


The CMF industry platform is an important platform for the research and technology of the new materials industry. The Alliance mainly focuses on the following aspects.


- Building an industry platform linking the upstream and downstream of CMF around the existing CMF industry resources;

- Actively developing contacts with relevant fields and organizations at home and abroad to carry out exchanges and cooperation.



Currently, the Alliance is gradually building a knowledge-based platform that focuses on the design and application of new materials.



3. Construction of a knowledge platform for emerging technology applications



Through the conference, the Alliance established an industry information platform around trends and strategic research, and made a voice to the industry and academic circles through websites and self-media platforms.



4. Regularly organize the International Conference “Technology Transformation and Enterprise Organization Transformation Trends” Forum (TTF)


- Organizing Transformation Trends Forum, introducing the latest social, economic and technological trends, as well as the active application strategies of companies;

- Planning Workshops on cutting-edge scientific research and technology applications in different industries to explore strategies for design intervention;

- Released on the basis of high standards of academic research, sharing research results on cutting-edge, technology and application trends to relevant industries;

- Industry Trends Conference.

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